Hi. We started out with a mobility server back when it was all in beta it's a very basic Dell 100 series server with a couple of RAID1 disks, it's only a dual core single CPU baby. We now have 130 users and about 180 devices and could be going up to around 200 users with 300 devices. Our server is generally a lot slower then it was with a lot fewer users on it. In the beta resouce monitor it's daily Does anyone have a link or any recommendations should i look at a beefier bit of hardware, and should it be one server alone or should I be looking at splitting it between two servers somehow? It's just it is getting slower to deliver messages to phones, and for instance in the beta web monitor today the throughput shows a warning when you have 10000kb coming through per minute and we have times when we are upto 200000kb going through per minute when we send out large reports (20 meg to quite a few users) daily etc... It's just getting a bit slower i run the maintenance routines on the database when I can, so I think fundamentally our little baby is possibly not upto the task? Any ideas / suggestions on if I should look at one big server / clustering two servers or rethinking my ideas and doing some tuning any of you could recommend would be greatly appreciated. Thanks