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    Client default profile settings

    I am trying to configure client settings for a new windows 7 machine with client 2 sp3. When i specify settings for the default login profile they don't seem to be applied. In the edirectory tab I specify the tree and server but I want the context set by dhcp. We have our dhcp server set to send out the context based on subnet. It is Microsoft dhcp server also and I have the options set. So once i have that set, I reboot the machine. At the login screen I check the advanced properties tab and all the fields in the edirectory tab are empty and I cannot login without manually setting the tree, context, and server. Am I missing something to force the default profile to be active? We are trying to limit the need for end users to have to worry about changing settings and provide it all through dhcp eventually but it doesn't appear to be working at the moment. Thanks
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