When printing from a specific application, only local printers will show up in the printing dialog box. I work for a school district and the application is called Schoolmaster. It uses a Faircom database, if that's relevant.

The strange thing is that it's very intermittent. The problem just started a few days ago on random machines. They are all running Windows 7 x64 with ZEN11 Agent and have varying versions of iPrint installed. The printers work just fine outside of this application, but no changes have been made recently and it worked last week. On my own machine it wasn't working. As a test I've been checking it throughout the morning and one time it took a very long time to bring up the print dialog box(2 minutes+), and suddenly my printers were there! Alas, a few minutes later my printers were gone again. This occurred on one other users machine, but I opened the Devices and printers windows at the same time as the delay. The Devices and Printers box hung as well and both boxes brought up results at the same time after the long wait.

I know this is a jumbled mess of variables, but I can't seem to track down the issue, or even who to point the finger at. I have a support request in with the Schoolmaster team as well, so we will see what they have to say.