I have an odd situation where the novell-famtd service terminates each

In the ssf.log I have heaps of these errors:

2013-05-21 04:17:00,664 ERROR [http-apr-8443-exec-3]
[com.novell.teaming.module.folder.impl.PlusFolderMo dule] - Error
executing JITS on folder [/Home Workspace/Net Folders/WLSharData
General/Scott/Computers/Development/Projects] (id=16190)
org.kablink.teaming.UncheckedIOException: I/O error: Connection refused
java.util.concurrent.FutureTask$Sync.innerGet(Futu reTask.java:273)
at java.util.concurrent.FutureTask.get(FutureTask.jav a:130)
[exception trimmed as it is extremely long]

In the famtd.log I a lot of these:
May 21 15:25:59 wlfl01 [XTCOM]: ERROR:NCPOperations::ProceeRequest
failed unc:
\\\SANVOL1\Users\Shardata\General\Flee t\Sergei\D
r 8000\Users\sss\Adjourned Games identity: cn=filr.o=myorg session:
May 21 15:25:59 wlfl01 [XTCOM]: ERROR:thread_handler: request
processing failed
May 21 15:25:59 wlfl01 [XTCOM]: ERROR:sendStatus: sending status ret:
May 21 15:25:59 wlfl01 [XTCOM]:
WARNING:ProcessPropFind_AllProp:NCFsdBasicEnumDire ctory failed status:

Around the time that the famtd.log stops, I can't see any exceptions in
the ssf.log

The user that is set up against the net folder server definitely has
access to the folders in question so I'm a little puzzled as to why I
get a connection refused.