I am running Novell Client 4.91 SP 5 on a Windows 2003 Server Standard Edition R2 SP2. My client refuses to find the tree or directory for the Novell Server. I can ping the server from the box. I can also log into the Remote Manager and iManager without any problems. In addition, I only have my 2003 box hooked to the Novell server so I just have it getting its IP automatically.

Now, I did change one thing...the IP address on the Novell server. Before the change, I could connect through the client. I followed the instructions here: Support | How to change the IP address on NetWare 6.5 to change the IP. Furthermore, I was going ot use these instructions to make sure everything was good to go: Cool Solutions: Changing the IP Address. It seemed after the Novell Server reset, everything worked the way it was supposed to except for the client issues.

I have uninstalled and reinstalled the client in event of some corruption somewhere but that has yielded negative results.

Please advise on how to get everything to connect again.

Thank you