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Thread: 11.2.3a - Unable to edit exsisting xp user policies

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    11.2.3a - Unable to edit exsisting xp user policies

    Maybe I could get some help here. I am currently unable to edit XP group user policies from my zenworks 11.2.3a zone. All policies were "minted" uner the 11.2.2 version. I was able to edit policies no problem before the 11.2.3a Update. All machines have the 11.2.3a Group Policy helper activeX control installed on them (Fresh images not upgrades). Here are the problems I am having

    1. When the group policy editor opens, all my policies are set to "Not Configured", even though these are active working policies with many items configured

    2. Once in a ten or so tries, the group policy editor opens the ADM's correctly. I am able to configure the needed settings. The group Policy editor closes and echoes back theat the "Settings were successfully imported". The problem here is that the "upload button" stays dimmed out and I am unable to uplaed the configured policy.

    Not really to sure what is going on.
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