This may have already been covered by i could not find it after a few searches.

I am currently trying to distribute a larger set of bundles. (Autodesk Infrastructure design Suite 2014) - 48GB

I have split the packages up into smaller deployments ranging from 3GB to 11GB.

Although it takes a while to upload into the content repo, it seems to have done it .

The problem i am facing , or the issue i have is that these installers are .exe referencing a .ini file for the silent install, and the only method i have found to do this is by creating a Directory install bundle then launching from the directory.
It seems to me that there is some double up work going on which seems to be pointless.
With a msi install. The installer is launched directly from the C:\Program FIles (x86)\Novell\ZenWorks\Cache\zmc\ZenCache directory. which makes sense. ZCM agent caches the files from the content repo, then launches when available.

Now with the Directory or file install, you need to wait for the ZCM agent to cache the items to the above directory, then copy to the "Install Directory location" then launch.

I cant seem to see another way to do this? anyone?

My problem is that with smaller installs , it is fine. But when you are talking a 11GB directory. That is 11GB Cache item + 11GB copy to Directory + 11+GB to installed to computer.
So its around 30GB after install ( minus the cleanup "FIle Removal" action at the end to cleanup the "install directory")

Surely there must be a way to directly reference the cache item. Ive tried .\setup.exe. but it cant find. I could probably work out a way to find the GUID of the cached item and launch directly from there but im hoping not to have to do that.

Any ideas or better options? And i am unable to do a network install of the files. (They want them in the content repo.)