Hi to all,

we think about using DSfW to fullfill Blackberrys requirement (BB10.1)
for an AD. We want to use our existing eDir (and users) and install one
new Server to behave as an AD-Server. For what I understand this is a
Named-Mapped Setup. Following the docs I have to map one container to
one forest, the sibling containers cannot be mapped, but childs can.
Every container to map has to be partioned.

This is an (ASCCI-Art *g*) chart ouf our tree. Under o=Branches, some
ou's are partioned. They have a local branch server which holds the
master replic for the branch partion, some r/w replicas exists on
servers under o=headquarter (which also hold the root partition)

Root Partition
| |
| --ou=Branch1
| |
| --ou=Branch2 (Partition, hold by server
| | in branch2 [Master] AND Server1 [r/w]
| | in Headquarter)
| |
| --ou=Branch3
--cn=Server1 (holds 'root' partition [Master]
+ partition 'Branch2' [r/w])

So there's no solution to map both o=branches and o=headquarter into one
forest/domain. Should I create a new container, e.g. o=ORG, make a
partition of o=headquarter and o=branches and move both under the new
o=ORG? Is it possible to partion o=branches, which holds child
partitions like ou=branch2?

Any advice / hint is welcome, minimum impact at the existing tree design
is mandatory (branch partition are over a WAN link)