Hello All

We have an existing GW 8 system (latest patches)

1 primary domain with a PO, GWIA #1 and WBEACCESS #1

8 Secondary Domains. each has a PO. One has GWIA #2 (for IMAP) and one
has WEBACCESS #2 (redundancy)

All running on NetWare 6.5 (latest SP) (tree has OES2 already for File
and Print Services GW still on NW)

1 Datasync on sles
1 BES server
GWAVA antispam/anti virus on NW
GWAVA Retain on Windows
GWAVA Reload on sles

each PO has about 500+- Users

all above is on physical servers

And we need to take this oportunity to better reorg things in GW
also going to use VMWare (we have a large linux, Unix and Windows VM

I want to know if its possible to;

1) To setup a new GW 21012 Domain (secondary at first) on a SLES box
(into the above existing GW 8 Environment)

2) Setup a 3rd GWIA and Webaccess on this gw2012 seconday domain

3) Promote the GW2012 domain to be the primary and make it's GWIA the
one and only (we setup a new GWAVA server to replace exisiting on NW)

now we have all internet traffic and webaccess going via gw2012

4) then we can build addiitonal GW2012 secondary domain servers with POs
and other required services spread out getting them ready to move
mailboxes and services over

so at this point we have the existing GW8 running for all the users with
a "shell" of gw2012 running to migrate the users/services too

we want to take this opportunity to migrate users in a staged approach
(small groups/dept at a time) to coincede with upgrading their GW client etc

AND we are thinking of also migrating GW to its own TREE (we use the
novell idm already) so we can use OES11 (cause file services group is
not ready to move to oes11 fully)

i guess not only a gw8 to 2012 migration in stages but also moving them
to a new tree but keeping coexistance possible

Is this an ok approach? We want to minimze disruption/outage for the users

thank you for your time