I am planning on installing DSfW in our organization but have a few questions before I click "Next." I am going to use a name-mapped setup and have partitioned the organization container to install DSfW at that level. This is just to give eDir users access to AD resources by using a cross-forest trust.
The Domain Services for Windows Administration guide does not mention Universal Password or password policies in the Installation Prerequisite for a Name-Mapped Setup section. I saw some youtube videos on the installation of DSfW "How to Prepare and Install Domain Services for Windows" which seem to indicate that you have to have password policies in place before you install.
An earlier comment by Praveen Kumar in this forum mentioned the following:

>> To address this problem, before moving the users into the DSfW domain please perform the following steps
>> 1. Define a NMAS password policy. Enabled the Universal Password setting in this NMAS password policy. Refer eDirectory NMAS documentation.
>> 2. Assign this NMAS password policy appropriately at container / partition so that all the users that you intend to move to the DSfW domain are covered by this policy
>> 3. Let the user login at least once into their account after steps 1 and 2 are in place.
>> 4. Attempt moving a single user into the domain after step 3 is completed.

Currently, I do not have UP enabled and do not use password policies. Do I need to enable UP and create a password policy at the organization level or will the DSfW installation create a default policy for the domain users? Does the policy have any effect on users that are not going to be "samified" ?
Sorry for the newbie questions. I cannot really a find a statement about this in the documentation. It would be a bit disconcerting to have all of the passwords abruptly expire, though.

Thank you very much