I'm posting for a co-worker, so here it goes.

We are experiencing speed problems with our installation, we have a large deployment currently with two filr servers in a cluster, one mysql, and one search server. The two filr servers are clustered via an NFS share and everything appears to be working fine. We have about 5000 users in the directory each with a home folder on about 25 volumes, and another 12 shared volumes.

It takes more than a day to refresh our entire system of about 5TB of data with various different synchronization schedules on each volume. Just in-time sync seems to timeout when opening every folder when browsing in the web interface, and browsing the client is also very slow.

Setup is as follows:

Net folder servers:

About 15 of them.
All setup to sync every week day starting at various different times off peak hours.


maximum age for just-in-time results - 30 seconds
maximum age for acl just-in-time results - 60 seconds
with a sync schedule of every 15 minutes

Any ideas on where to start?