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Thread: Single All Day Event Calendar Issue

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    Single All Day Event Calendar Issue

    Hi Guys,

    Hope this is a simple one. We've setup an Annual Leave calendar on Vibe which has overall been working well. We have used the Event type for specifying days.
    Our issue is when a user submits leave for a single "All Day" event the end date on the "Full entry notification email" automatically moves to the next day instead of the same day.

    User wants to take 1 day off on the 25/05/2013
    Start & End dates submitted = 25/05/2013 and All Day box ticked

    The notification email that Payroll receives show the leave request as
    Start: 25/05/2013
    End: 26/05/2013

    This leads payroll to thinking they have requested 2 days of leave instead of 1!

    When we actually click on the event in the calendar it shows up as "When: 25/05/2013", but I would rather not have payroll having to click on every leave request to find the dates.

    Does anyone know of a way to fix this issue?

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