I have DNS running on NW65SP8 with the latest (last) code.

I have the following zones:

Normal Zone - mycompany.com (works)
Forward Zone - mycompany.local > forward queries to MS DNS server (mycompany.local) (works)
Forward Zone - ad.mycompany.com > forward to a different MS DNS server (ad.mycompany.com) (fails)

The forward to the mycompany.local zone works, but the forward to the ad.mycompany.com does not forward the queries - just returns "non-existent domain" when I do an Nslookup.
NSLookup of the same record direct to the MS DNS works - so the records are there !

I was advised that the iManager DNS plugin is no longer supported - to use the OES11 Java console instead. I remove the zone and recreated using the Java console - unfortunately that made no difference !

I have also tried creating glue records for the Microsoft DNS servers in the Novell DNS. This allows me to resolve these DNS servers but nothing else in the ad.mycompany.com zone.

The workstation I am running the nslookups from is not a member of the AD Domain, so it isn't MS refusing to talk to non-domain hosts.

Thoughts ????