Hi all: I am starting our upgrade from OES2SP3 to OES11SP1 and I have a few questions. I do not have a test environment (to small) so I plan on upgrading one of our lesser needed servers first. I have reviewed all pertinent docs but I still have a few questions.

1. Our eDirectory is patched to version 8.8.7 but OES11SP1 says it installs version 8.8.6. Is this a problem?
2. I checked our partitions to be sure set up properly (fstab options and all). One thing we do is use LVM to host most of our partitions (/, /home, /var, /tmp) while /boot and swap are on primary partitions (ext3). Is this going to be a problem as neither "Device ID" or "Device Path" are options for LVM partitions?????
3. Do I need to worry about NSS??
4. Before the upgrade begins (the actual rpm installations) will I be warned of dependency problems?

And finally, what other gotchas should I be aware? Thanks, Chris.