I am having problems with getting CIFS working on OES 11.1 running on SLES 11 SP2 and wanted to make sure I had all the patches for the OS. I have set up YAST to pull from OES repositories and believe I am current on patches from those repositories. However, I found TID 7010867 which lists patches released on a montly basis and I see in the Novell downloads section that there are OES 11.1 patches through May. Do I need to download these patch files as well and apply them or is this just a duplication of the patches that I get through YAST Software Updates? Also, if I do a 'cat /etc/novell-release' I see that I am running OES 11 x86_64, version 11.1, patch 1. Is that the same as OES 11 SP1 as mentioned in the title of the above TID? Thanks, Dan