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Thread: Filr and two LDAP source

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    Filr and two LDAP source

    Hi everybody

    I have two separate eDir tree synchronized through IDM, one used just for Web Apps (so no file shared on servers defined in) and the other for file and print sharing.

    I'd like to use groups in the first tree like a distribution list for share file and folders thorugh filr residing in servers of the second tree.

    My problem is that I haven't find a way to define uniquely on filr users from the different trees. I've tried to use 'cn' attribute for the one that "attribute used for Filr name" but, while users are correctly imported from the second tree, I have java error when filr try to import groups from the first one. Java errors goes away if I set, as suggested, the 'GUID' attribute, but groups are empty.

    Anyone could give me a workaround?

    And even another question: if I don't import groups from the second tree, users aren't able to see files in Net Folders but just personal files in their HomeDir. So, must I have to import all groups even from the second tree or not?


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