I am working on getting a ZCM 11.2 server up and going. I have a second volume mounted under /media/nss/sys2. I ran through the steps on the following document :


This was under: 14.1.3 Mounting the Content Repository on a Linux Server to an NSS Volume.

I can see everything from a windows workstation as well as write to this folder. I am now having issues when trying to image a workstation. I get the following error: Image file path is invalid. I am using the following command to get this error:

img makep ipaddressofserver imagename.zmg

I looked and the server has the nobody:root as the owner and group of the content-repo directory. I thought I read somewhere that this had to be zenworks:zenworks, so I attempted to change this and it would not allow me to do so. I don't get an error, it just doesnt change... The permissions are 777 on this folder. Any help or guidance would be appreciated.