Just had a paranoid moment realising the Windows 7 base VM I'm working on has a drive size of 60GB (59.8GB) and the SSDs being imaged are sold as 60GB but show up as 55.8GB in Windows so in theory the base is larger than the smallest target drive (we're using the same base for all our machines). The actual used space is only about 15GB which turns into a 6GB ZMG file.

So far haven't noticed any issues with the image being shrunk down and in fact we use the trick in ZMG Explorer to inflate the size of the image to 200GB so it fills all our machines (max drive size 160GB or thereabouts) so am I right in thinking ZCM somehow works it so the free space is what gets cut off?

Basically should I be looking at shrinking the base to 40GB or am I worrying for nothing?