I am trying to make an application to copy an address book to multiple destination accounts. The utility has to log into each user's account and copy the address book. I started with the GWMerge sample application and things did seem to work fine but I ran into a small issue. It seems that Novell doesn't log out of each account quickly enough for the "batch process to work. I can use the Mutlilogin feature but I can't seem to figure out how to get it to work consistently.

Here is the procedure: From a list box, iterate through each line and log into the account, copy the addressbook.

Here is my code:

Set GWApp = CreateObject("NovellGroupWareSession")
GWApp.MultiLoginAddressBookSupport = True

For i = 0 To BatchList.ListCount - 1
CommandArray = Split(BatchList.List(i), ", ")
BatchList.ListIndex = i
Set GWRootAccount = GWApp.MultiLogin(CommandArray(0), "", Encryption(CommandArray(1), True, EncryptKey))
Set GWABooks = GWRootAccount.AddressBooks
Call MergeAddressbook(CommandArray(2), CommandArray(3), Val(CommandArray(4)))

Next i
Call LogoutBTN_Click

We are using Groupwise 2012 with Novell Data Synchronizer. We are having issues with the way the address books synchronize with the phones. The data synchronizer does sync personal address books but shared address books are not synchronized. A solution is make copy of the shared address book as a personal addressbook and let the synchronizer sync it to the phone.