Can someone provide me with a hint as to what I'm guessing that I'm doing wrong with my Filr configuration?

When I go into my Net Folders, the first folder that I see is my DEPT folder, which is the root volume of the file server hosting it. This requires me to first open DEPT and then I can see each department's folder based on the logged in user's rights. I feel that this is a useless step and I would like to configure Net Folders so that when I select Net Folders that I go directly into the DEPT folder and see the list of Department folders. I have a feeling that this is going to be a simple (/) or ( fix but I'm stumped trying to figure this out right now.

Under Net Folder Servers I have configured an entry for [Server\DEPT] at path \\[IPAddress]\DEPT.
Under Net Folders I have configured for an entry DEPT at ServerName [Server\DEPT] which is the same as the line above.

What I'm trying to ask is that my current Net Folders behavior is to access Net Folders --> DEPT --> Select Folder and I'm trying to find out if there is a way to change this to Net Folders --> Select Folder and eliminate the step of selecting DEPT.