Hello Everyone,

I recently upgraded my ZCM deployment from 11.2 MU2 to 11.2.3.a. Now that I have updated, the tftp source seems to be cached somewhere and I can not get it to remove. I made a backup of the old files in the tftp folder and put it in the tftp folder. Since then I have removed the backup folder and made updates to a few scripts. I have forced replication to start from my primary server using ZCC, but it still is putting the removed folder and other older files on the satellite servers. I have even ran zac cc and zac ref bypasscache on the primary to see if that would clear it from cache. I have cleared the contents of the tftp folder from all the satellite servers and ran the replication again. I still keep getting older files that no longer exist in the tftp folder of the source primary server. I appreciate any assistance with this.