I setup a new zone on a SLES11SP1/11.2.3a box. My loan satellite in the old zone was 11.2.2mu2 and everything worked fine on it. The old zone primary was still 11.2.2mu2 and not 11.2.3a so I just decided to uninstall the 11.2.2mu2 agent on the satellite and then install the 11.2.3a agent for the new zone. Everything seemed to work fine. The satellite shows up in the new zone, location awareness is working (wasn't on the old zone), etc. However, I've noticed that after I configured it with the imaging role with PXE enabled in ZCC, it doesn't seem to have the required files for imaging in /etc/init.d. I'm not sure if these should be there before the imaging role is set or not. Also the tftp directory isn't replicating. For kicks, I copied /etc/init.d/novell-pbserv, novell-proxydhcp, novell-tftp and novell-zmgprebootpolicy from the primary to the satellite but it doesn't return anything when I do a status/start/stop command which I figured it would do.

As far as I can tell the rest of the features are working. System-Updates and bundles appear to be replicating like they should. I already made an SR for this but thought I would make a post about it in here as well.