Hi, I need some clarification about some quote that I read under the section "Volatile User Cache" here https://www.novell.com/documentation.../hhjs4i86.html.

The Volatile User Cache option allows for volatile user information that has previously been cached on a workstation to remain on the workstation for a specified period. This makes it possible for a user to continue using the workstation even when the workstation is disconnected from the network and the user is not a registered user on the workstation.
What I need to know is how to use a volatile DLU using the option "Use the credential specified below (Always volatile)" so that when the network isn't available at the time that the teacher, the user, can still log in and give his class? I don't need it to be perfect. If the user can access the desktop and work on local resources (Word, PowerPoint, display using a projector, etc.) it would be perfect. So if I understand correctly by activating the option "Enable Volatile User cache" the user would still be able to log in using the cache if the network isn't accessible at the time. Is that correct? And is the option "Cache Volatile User for time period (Days)" reset each time a user log in? Or is it a timer that starts at the first log in and never stops until the end? What would be great would be to log in normally with the Novell client/ZCM agent until the network isn't available anymore. Then the DLU could create a specific DLU volatile user that has only limited access locally. Some sort of guest account access until the network problem get fix. I'm looking for some sort of plan B here. Maybe en enhancement request would be more useful here?!

Thanks in advance for the help!