Server-1 with: DOM1 and POST1 .
Server-2 with: DOM2 and POST2 .

User: User2.POST2.DOM2
1. create personal address book: MyBook
2. Copy from The System GroupWise Address Book records:
user01.post1.dom1 with email:
user02.post1.dom1 with email:
user03.post1.dom1 with email:
to the MyBook

3. In the MyBook change email addressess :
for user01 from to
for user02 from to
for user03 from to

4. User2.POST2.DOM2 Share( read only ) this Personal AB "MyBook" with users ( user05.POSt1.DOM1 and user06.POST1.DOM1) in the POST1.DOM1

5. Users user05.POST1.DOM1 and user06.POST1.DOM1 accepted the address book "MyBook" from the user2.POSt2.DOM2

6. Users user05 and user06 see such emails in the address Book "MyBook":
This is Incorrect !.
In the PAB "MyBook" user: USER2.POST2.DOM2 it is written emails:

How to force recinchronize PAB "MyBook" in the USER05.POST1.DOM1 and USER06.POST1.DOM1 with USER2.POSt2.DOM2 ??