We are implementing NESCM and have run into an issue with the client

- For a high percentage of users they are not able to change the login sequence from the Advanced Login - NMAS tab, they can select the Sequences button and have it display the available login methods - then they can select a method which populates the login value - hit apply.... but that selection is not used for the login. We verified this by selecting Enhanced Smart Card method and then entering the users password which gave a successful login and the registry is not updated with the selection

- For these same users the login always uses what is stored in the registry - HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Novell\Login\Profiles\ Users\<SomeUserID>\Default\Tab4\Sequence . For most users this key is either set to blank or not set at all which then uses the <default> of NDS. This occurs even when the users have specified a different login method from the Advanced Login dialog, ( so if we manually set the registry value it is used during the login)

- If we set the default login for these users to SmartCard then they can login with their card but we need to allow them to change back and forth as needed.

Any ideas what might be wrong? Could someone also explain how the changes entered into the advanced form are made available to the login form for Novell Client 2 for Windows?