OK, trying to migrate a Netware 6.5 box over to an OES11 box. Only migrating files/nss and iPrint. Here's the issue. I can not create a Print Manager or a Driver store on the OES11 server since the stupid npm module is installed, but we have no other option but to configure client under iPrint in iManager. Attempted to uninstall the iPrint Linux Management Plug-in, which in theory "Allows management of iPrint services on Linux" (HA, HA, HA WHAT A JOKE), but guess what, it won't uninstall. Tried to rename the npm file and restart tomcat. That does not help as the npm still shows up but it does us absolutely no good since we still can NOT create a print manager or a driver store. What's worse is apparently Novell in their infinite wisdom has reduced the capability of iprinman on OES11. So, does anyone know how I might be able to create a Print Manager and a Driver store on a pre-migration OES11 server w/o the use of iManager since apparently the NPM is non-functional?