We recently had a primary server fail (the master primary of course) with help from novell the cert authority was moved to a secondary server and the dead server was deleted from the zone. For a couple weeks all was well. Coincidence or not there are a few monday mornings where the user's initial login greets them with error "Zenworks - User Authentication Failure" Oddly enough its not all users reporting this, seems most users login and receive bundles without issues. Casa logs from a couple workstations have the error CASA_STATUS_AUTH_SERVER_UNAVAILABLE -939589602 C7FF001E

In all cases so far, restarting all services from novell-zenworks-configure -c Start resolves the issue

Checking url https://server:2645/CasaAuthTokenSvc/ shows casa as running on the primaries, but this is the external casa port number. how does one test the embedded casa (port 443) is running correctly ? After a service restart everything is peachy, I'm just looking for things to check during outage periods before management insists on restarting services to get the users logged in and working.