I've got a server that is running Netware 6.5 SP8. It (and its tree) have been upgraded starting at Netware 5, to 5.1, to 6 and now to 6.5. So the tree is quite old. I have created a brand new tree on a separate box and both trees/servers are running in parallel. Here's my question. How can I get the license file off the old server and onto the new server? Once I get the license file moved and all of the users' data moved, I'm going to down the old server and be done with it.

As a side note, when I login to the Novell website and see my products listed, there is a place to download the license file, but it says "We're sorry, we are unable to complete the download at this time. The Novell download site experienced an unexpected error condition. Please try your download again later."

Can anyone help me?