I recently added a new user to our Mobility server. The initial user synch
took a lot longer than normal, considering the size of the user mailbox.

On setting up the user's mobile device (android 4.1.2) the device links and
synchronizes to the account, but no mail's contacts, calendar items get
synchronised to the device. The folders are present (only a cabinet with no
subfolders though) but they are all empty

The mobility log seem so be linking to the user account, but there are many
messages like...

2013-06-05 17:05:30.759 INFO [BackgroundWorkMonitor_Thread]
[backgroundWorkMonitor:575] [userID:cn=RogerN,ou=USERS,o=ISANDO] [eventID:]
[objectID:] [Monitor] User requesting more data for their device:

The user has no mailbox size restrictions
In addition, on the device settings / Device folders of the user account
there is only a /Cabinet folder, without any of the subordinate folders
In the connector monitoring information screen all pending and synced items
are 0

I have tried removing and re-adding the user to no avail. Also it is not a
device issue as adding the account to another device gives the same issue.

We are on Version 1.2.5 Build 299

Any help would be appreciated