Hi everyone,

I've been assigned to the imaging project in my organisation and currently working on building a new XP imaging process while waiting for OS migration... anyway.

I have a problem when it comes to setting the name of the computer during the process.

Here is what I am trying to do :
1. Booting on PXE.
2. Using command zisedit ComputerName WSNAME.
3. Using command zisedit DNSHostName WSNAME.
4. Imaging.
5. Sysprep starts his job (it has ComputerName = * in it) and launches a cmd file installing every apps ending with the installation of ZENworks agent and rebooting.

Here is what is my problem :
Since the ZISEDIT changes come up after the reboot of the installation of ZENworks agent, the workstation doesn't have the right name during sysprep. This cause the workstation to register twice in our DNS, once with the wrong name and once with the good one. We currently can't do anything on server side with DNS or DHCP to solve this. Is there anything I could do to make ZISEDIT changes come up earlier in the process?

Best regards