We have installed the Client 2 SP3 (IR2) on Windows Multipoint Server 2012. On startup the error "The domain name is not valid. Please try again" appears. If we click past this error the windows login screen appears. If you click on the icon of the most recent user the user name WmsShell appears along with a populated password field. If you press enter the WmsShell account logs in without problems and the multipoint server continues to log in and the Novell login screen appears and users can log in without any problem.

The issue we are having is that the WmsShell account should be logging in automatically without any intervention. If we uninstall the client the Multipoint Server logs in correctly but after installing the client again it comes back. The only thing I can find is this TID 7008643. A new release of the client seemed to take care of that issue.


Any suggestions would be appreciated.