If we have a situation with our data synchronizer server and it is down or unuseable.
1. Can we bring up a new Suse 11 sp2 server.
2. Patch it to the latest versions.
3. Change the IP and name to be as the OLD server was.
4. Install Datasychronizer and configure as a new install, but matching settings from the old original server.
5. Put the same certificates (Mobility.pem and server.pem to /var/lib/datasync/webadmin/ and /var/lib/datasync/webadmin/webadmin/)
6. Configure the new server to see the LDAP Group that has the members we want that server to host.

I am assuming at this point the Datasynchronizer server will populate the databases with email and the devices will still be pointing the old server (name and IP) and certs.
And after a period of time everything will build and the devices will pick up the messages as it builds.
Except for the Downtime to build the server and the time to build the users messages and appointments the user would be unaware of anything.

Can someone evaluate my potential DR strategy and let me know of any potential oversights?