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Thread: Recoverd a crashed GW server by Grafting

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    Recoverd a crashed GW server by Grafting

    Recovered a crashed Netware 6.5 Server with GW 6.5 by Grafting (I had luckily dbcopied just a day earlier & copied to USB drive)

    After installing Consoleone, GW Administration
    I used UPDATE system to install the agents

    How do I create the startup files ie. gwdom.mta & gwpo.poa etc

    Also rcgrpwise status or start does nothing

    I'm having to start the agents with
    ./gwmta --show --home /path-to-domain &
    ./gwpoa --show --home /path-to-po &

    Crashed gw is now working on GW2012

    Now that its working - I don't want to mess up !!
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