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Thread: Wake-on-LAN and launch bundle without user login

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    Exclamation Wake-on-LAN and launch bundle without user login


    we are planning to implement a maintenance window at night for our client PC's. Therefore we want these PC's to wake up and run a bundle that cleans up temp folders, runs an anti-virus scan and installs Windows Updates.

    What I have now is a bundle with some steps under the 'Launch' tab, all running as dynamic admin and without any user dialogues, prompts or GUI output. This bundle has two schedules: a recurring (daily) distribution schedule that just wakes up the device (WoL) at e.g. 11 p.m. (no install or launch flag set) and a recurring (daily) launch schedule that is also set to 11 p.m. with 'Process immediately if device unable to execute on schedule'.

    The WoL works properly but the bundle just won't launch. If I log in into the woken up device I can see the bundle marked with the black/grey 'X' in the upper left and so does the ZAA (11.2.3a MU 1) tell it's 'not installed'.

    So, are schedules still bugged, even with the most recent ZCM version? Or do I do something wrong? Thanks!
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