Hi there, wondering if I can get some more insight on this issue. I have done a lot of research but still can't get anywhere. I am a Mac Administrator at a college that uses iPrint to host our printers. Some particular printers will bounce back an error citing that "the filter(s) specified in the PPD could not be found/resolved." Through my research I have found that you can comment out any lines that specify a filter in the PPD file. I have done this already (added a "*%" before each of the lines) and I still received the same message after uploading the driver. I have even tried removing the line entirely. I still get the message about the PPD even though I have run a search and found no lines referencing a filter or a path to one. The printer I am having trouble with is a Konica-Minolta C652. If there is any info anyone has for me it would be much appreciated.