Hello - we are running GW 8.02 hp3 and recently moved our main post office (~600 users) from Netware to Windows 2008 R2 (running under Vsphere 4.1).

We have started seeing intermittent slow performance issues esp. when moving a message from one folder to another, or sending a broadcast email.

It doesn't appear to be a hardware resource issue: disk queues don't exceed 1, with low latency (7-15ms) and we're not cpu or memory bound (that I can see).

Here are our current config settings:

Message Worker Threads: 15
Maximum GWCheck Worker Threads: 8
C/S Handler Threads: 30
Max Physical: 2048
Max App Connections: 4084
Soap Threads: 20

We don't see any serious errors in the logs when performance becomes slow. Could this just be a tuning issue?