I'm having some issues with applying local group policies using ZCM 11.2.3a. Basically, not all of the settings I've applied in the GPO are being applied to the PC.

The setup is this:

* Applying policies to Windows 7 Enterprise x64
* User Group Policies are applied first, then Computer policies are applied. User policies seem to be applying correctly.
* Security settings in the Computer Group Policy are applying correctly (eg, renaming the local administrator and guest account, displaying a message prior to the logon window).
* The policies list in the ZCM agent properties reports that the policy has been successfully applied.
* No settings in the 'Administrative Templates' section of the policy are applied to the PC.

Checking in gpedit.msc, policies show that they're enabled. However if I run rsop.msc, there's no administrative templates section in the computer policy at all. If I run gpupdate /force, I also get errors for the computer configuration - 'The processing of Group Policy failed because of an internal system error'.

This is a new policy package I've created from scratch within the past week.

I've just now also gone and created a brand new test policy package, with one setting in admin templates configured, and one in security settings. This one has successfully applied correctly.

Is anyone else seeing issues like this? It's not the first strange behaviour I've been seeing with ZCM policy application, and not the first policy package we've had that's become corrupted. I'm really starting to lose confidence in policy application via ZCM. Unfortunately, with no AD in our environment, I've got no alternative.