I see some strange things on synchronizing My Files.
Sometimes a file that I locally change, gets uploaded to the server, but when a full refresh from the server takes place, the file gets downloaded again.
I see in the logs revision: 12 when uploading the file.
Than when a full refresh takes place: "needs to be downloaded (new version: 14, old version: 13)"
I have not changed the file on the server. So why is the local version 12, and the server version two versions up?

Just In Time Synchronisation on Home Folder is enabled.

I do not see this behaviour with all files. So far only with Keepass .KDBX and a .TXT file

I also have seen with changes to a TXT file in a short timespan the error:
"Successfully uploaded file xxxxx.txt, but the server returned invalid metadata. Will not attempt to upload the file again."
Every time I try to resync this file I get the same error and the revision on the server increments.
I ended up have both "version" on my local drive and deleting the newly created one (was the same)
I expect with JIT that the metadata on the server will be updated when the file is synchronized.
On my Home Folder Synchronization is not enabled, JIT is. Should I enable scheduled synchronization and what should be the settings (every 15 minutes?)