I am trying to set up a Scripting Policy that uses location triggers. The script itself works, I've tested it with the zenagent scripting diagnostic. (it launches an exe that changes the network address from dhcp to static)
Our locations are : INSIDE (if Static ip address), DHCP Pool (if DHCP address of our pool), and unknown (if any other address) which works fine.
The aim is that if the device switches from unknown to DHCP Pool location, the script which changes the ip address to static is executed (then after the execution of the script/exe the device should change to the INSIDE location).

The config of my policy is:
Script content:
Dim WshShell
Set WshShell = CreateObject("WScript.Shell")
WshShell.Run("C:\\W7Install\\netconfig\\enableSTAT IC.exe")

(X) Enable Location trigger
when switching from : Unkown
when switching to : DHCP Pool

Does anyone of you have experiences with this kind of policies?

Thanks in advance =)