Ok we are trying to test this ... i have shared a txt file with usera ..... it is synced and all to beautifull.... than as users are he tries to edit the file... on his desktop of course (not web) allows him .... trying to sync there is now a red x to the file...still perfect right .... so when does he get the correct file back? .. nothing happned after numunour manual syncs... from his desktop client and mine ... i then made a change on my master txt which i shared with him .... still nothing .. again we sync manually as well , file AND client, ... then he deleted the file .. still nothing after manual sync .. he then goes into the client console .. in pending operations click there and it is back .... we cant expect users to do that, can we? ...

then again we test ... again he made changes to the file ...this time we dont want to manually do anything... the file for very long time had a "goldish circle" to its display ... usera then synced the client again... now the red x is back .... will this file now stay on his changed version forever until he deletes it .. shouldn't the file be overwritten by the system with my copy on the server....without me even making changes to the "master file" ... and of course if i do make changes it must also force down the new copy/correct copy?

This is one way what happens if all parties sharing have edit rights ... how will one ever know which is the current, latest and or correct verion?

The sync time is set to 5min desktop client properties in admin console ... what else must be done?

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