Hi all: I have been slowly working on developing a Windows 7 unified driver image for all our various HP desktops. We run ZCM 11.2.3. My imaging strategy was adapted from our XP imaging and a few Novell TIDs and Cool solutions

My question concerns the handling of device-specific drivers with ZCM images. Currently here is how I have things working:
1. Push down base Win7 image (properly sysprep'ed per Windows 7 docs)
2. Push down addon images for Novell software (client, ZCM, iprint), drivers, and start-up scripts.
3. Let Windows do it's initial setup
4. Step thru the scripts one at a time rebooting in between

One of the tasks preformed early in the scripting is to run dpinst64.exe which does a new scan for hardware and installs needed drivers. This too works fine but it does take a whole reboot-cycle and therefore slows down the imaging process. From what I have read, MS does allow "injection" of drivers into the image post-imaging of the sysprep'ed image, but only for .wim type of images. Presumably these drivers get installed during the initial Windows setup thereby eliminating the need to run the dpinst64.exe command.

So, here is my question. Is there a way to push down drivers during imaging (addon image) AND have Windows do the heavy lifting rather than calling dpinst??

I hope this makes some sense, Chris.