We have a shared NSS volume resource on our OES 2 sp3 cluster we no longer need. We want to delete the cluster resource and volume so we can recover the space on our SAN. I've read through the documentation and it seems too easy. Am I missing any steps here:

1) offline the resource

2) from the master node, run NSSMU and delete the pool

3) In eDirectory, look at the Cluster Resource objects in the Cluster container to verify that the resource has been deleted from the Cluster container. If necessary, delete the Cluster Resource object and its virtual server object manually.

4) Unpresent and remove the volume on my SAN. (not Novell related but still a step that has to be done)

Is that really it? It seems too easy. Any gotchas in the process? I don't need to reboot my nodes or anything?


Todd Bowman
Senior Network Analyst
University of Minnesota Physicians