We successfully (word used loosely!) managed to image our NetWare 6.5, GW8 server this weekend, and have it now running on our ESXi 5.1 VMWare cluster. Happy with that...

But after 2 days, we've had some reports that it's very slow responding, particularly opening attachments.

We have noticed a couple of things...

1. SET TCP MINSHALL ALGORITHM was OFF. I'm near certain this was ON before? I assume this is recommended for GWise, as per https://www.novell.com/coolsolutions/tip/15551.html

2. When booting, after I disabled the Novell logo splash screen, I noticed the following errors...

NSS<COMN>-3.27b-740: pssStartup.c[521]
Error getting value of Set Parameter: Client File Caching Enabled

NSS<COMN>-3.27b-741: pssStartup.c[533]
Error getting value of Set Parameter: Level 2 OpLocks Enabled

Do I have an issue here? And are there any recommendations for maintenance tasks to be run after virtualising? Any steps I didn't do perhaps, specifically tuning NSS?

Many thanks,
Alan Thompson