I've got a cute little quota monitoring app from JRB Utilities that sits in the system tray for users to watch their disk space and at the moment have it set as a Bundle to Launch on user login.

The Bundle isn't anything clever, just Install the file (EXE) in Install phase then launch it with some parameters in Launch phase. What I've noticed on some machines is that it doesn't appear on first logon for the user but does second time round.

I'm guessing it's because first time the Agent hasn't refreshed then next time it knows to run at user login - not sure if I'm being impatient but will ZCM run a User Login-assigned bundle later on if it detects the Bundle during a refresh cycle... or will it just wait until the next login event to take effect?

The other option is for it to be assigned to machines but it kicks in a bit too eagerly during our imaging process and complains as Autoadminlogon doesn't have a Novell account attached