Hi all,

We have a strange problem with Groupwise and shared calendars.

User A shares a calender with User B (read, write, edit)
User A is the owner.

User B selects this shared calendar.
User B posts an appointment in this shared Calender, and this item is
immediately shown.
If user B selects now the main-calendar, the posted appointment is shown
- everything is all right - this works as expected.

If User B changes again to the shared calendar and posts another
appointment then this appointment is show again immediately -
if user B changes to the main calendar then there is only the first
appointment shown, the second appointment is missing (although the
shared calendar has "show in main calendar" selected)

The second appointment is not shown - maybe we have good luck if we
press F5 to see this appointment.

We can reproduce this behavior with an GW2012SP1 and GW2012SP2 Client.
On our backend GW2012SP1 is working.

Can anyone reproduce this behavior? Is there a solution to see this
appointments from shared calendars immediately?

thanks in advance