current system - NW6.5 sp8 - 3 node cluster - GW8.0.3 hp3 - gwia running in it's own address space

Our GW install had been stable for long time running 8.0.2 hp3. Then two changes were made to support some new clients that required IMAP and SMTP in a secure way.

On Gwia, IMAP SSL was set to required and SMTP SSL was set to enabled. In gwia.cfg the /forceinboundauth was added. So now, any host sending SMTP to gwia must authenticate.

Things went OK for a while but the number of clients connecting via Imap/SMTP has increased and problems started. Gwia would freeze or abend and had to be restarted. I upgraded to gw8.0.3 hp3 which as far as I know is the latest available version. But the abends and problems continue. Here is an example of an abend -

14/06/2013 17:25:21 : SERVER-5.70-2187 [nmID=D0006]
Removed address space because of memory protection violation
Address Space: GWIA
Reason: Page Fault, Attempt to write to non-present page
Running Thread: GWIMAP-SSL-Handler_5
EIP: 0xF53125BD (LIBC.NLM + 0x945BD)
Access Location

I have been watching the gwia address space from monitor and it grows quite large. When gwia first loads the allocated space is 8MB, after a short while it grow rapidly to 50MB. I have seen it at 200MB+.

Any ideas what I can do?