OES 11 SP1 on SLES 11 SP2 (March maintenance patch applied), iPrint Client 5.86, Windows XP, 7.
Sometimes we have an issue when MS Word, Excel etc. (2003, 2007/10) does not want to print and opening/closing these files getting very slow (and, sure, computer overall performance during that) and network printer properties does not appear at all and all pointing to some connection (?) problems with printer(s) even from server side I see "Idle" and seems to with printer is everything ok, also, connection to server and internet entirely is ok. When printer spooler is restarted ... everything went back to normal. Some day ... no problem. I don't recall I had this kind of issues while using on old LAN and OES 2 on SLES 10.
Any ideas/experiences? I'm about to deploying iPrint Client 5.90.
More thanks, Alar.