In the LUM admin guide section 9.1.7 Linux User Management Returns an Invalid UID and GID for Users and Groups

Linux User Management returns an invalid UID and GID for user and groups because of an incorrect schema mapping in LDAP Group Object.

To resolve this problem:
1. Log in to iManager.
2. In Roles and Tasks, click LDAP > LDAP Options.
3. Click the Attribute Map tab.
4. Change the mapping of the UID (eDirectory attribute) to UniqueID (LDAP attribute).
5. Change the mapping of the UID NDS attribute to the UniqueID LDAP attribute.

Umm, what is the difference between "UID (eDirectory attribute)" and "UID NDS attribute"?
If these are two different attributes in eDirectory then I cannot find them, so are we being asked to do the same change twice?
Secondly, what is this UniqueID LDAP attribute?

Here is what I presently have in eDir and the corresponding mapping to LDAP attributes:

eDir/NDS Attribute Used by LDAP Attribute
uidNumber Posix/LUM, single valued number Not Mapped
gidNumber Posix/LUM, single valued number Not Mapped
uniqueID User object, text, LDAP search/auth uid
GID Nothing that I am aware of groupID
UID Nothing that I am aware of uidNDS

So as you can see the terms used in the documentation do not seem to correspond exactly to anything present in my system. I've checked both a production eDir 8.8.5 patch6 on NetWare 6.5sp8 and a test OES 11 sp1 running eDir 8.8.7.

Aside from the confusing doc's... does my eDir/LDAP attribute map look correct?