Tonight was so frustrating. I was half way doing upgrade of an OES 2 SP3 (running on SLES 10 sp4). Wanted to upgrade to SLES 11 SP2 and OES 11 SP1.

Is there a way to just patch the server using installation source as the ISOs? Because I was upgrading it the traditional way (take backup, make a clone of the machine, shut down, insert SLES 11 CD, upgrade system, bring it up, OES patch, etc) And I was forced to stop half way because the customer expects things to be done within 2 hours or so with minimal downtime. I have previously patched using installation source but that was only to upgrade the service pack version, not the core OS build.

This is such a ridiculous requirement. Why is it that we can't just install a "move-to-oes-11-sp1" package from online updates? There must be a way to do this through online, but the severs are registered to get updates only for oes2 and sles 10.

Someone help me out this is getting just silly.