I've got a NW65 server, SP4 I believe. It suffered an unknown problem about two weeks ago that took out the power supply and the system board. Those have been changed out and it's been running just fine until about 36 hours ago. At that time it started rebooting at exactly 12 minutes after whatever hour it is. I've watched it (by remote) and NOTHING shows in the console or the logger screen. It's sitting at a console prompt and suddenly it's reloading modules, just exactly as if someone had typed Restart Server.

It's running Groupwise 7 and a single printer print server. I've shut down ALL processes to do with Groupwise and printing and anything else I can think of - and it still just quietly reboots at the same exact time (almost down to the second) every hour.

And even after nearly two days of this, it doesn't creep - I mean, it stays at exactly that 12 minutes. So it sounds like an actual timer of some sort.

I'm going down (it's 120 miles away) in person as soon as I finish this post and will apply SP8 to it, but I'm at a loss as to what might be causing it. It's twin sitting next to it seems undisturbed by it's antics, it just slogs along.

Please help me Obi Wan(s), you're my only hope.